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I'll be a voice for the working class, small business and farmers

I am one of you

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Putting My Experience
to Work

   I am a Democrat candidate seeking the office of State Representative for House Dist. 24. This includes the counties of Hart, Larue and Green.

  I reside in the county of Hart, where growing up on a farm, helped me to understand the struggles that farmers are facing. Farming has become such a tax burden causing many to give up. I too am still part of the farming community. I want to be the one looking out for us. Where would we be without the farmers?

  I want to work on increasing tourism. By increasing tourism, you in turn generate more revenue for small business's helping them to grow and prosper and in return can create more jobs for Ky.

Let's find a way to make healthcare more affordable for all. We should do away with copays and get the cost of medicine down. I am finding many families, especially the elderly are having to choose between medicine, food or which bill to pay. We have got to do a better job of looking out for the forgotten ones.

  During the times I have worked at some of the local factories I have always stood by my fellow workers looking out for all our best interest as I was an active member of the Steel Workers Union by being the active Chair  of the Political Commitee and sitting on the Civil rights Committee. I stood up for them as I will stand up for you.

  My plan is to work closely with each and every community that i would be representing. I want to be the voice for the common folk, not just other elected officials. You will know me and I will know you, regardless of your party affiliation. This is about us not the politics! It's time to get Ky back on track to actually working for the people.

  I humbly ask for your support. Help me to help you. Let me be your voice!

 Vote John W. Pennington

 May 17th.2022


Running in the 24th District of Ky
​Hart, LaRue and Green Counties

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For the working class,farmers, and small  buisness

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