Hi, I'm John Pennington


As a native of Hart Co. Ky. my family did like most, we sharecropped to sustain a family of 8.Later to work in local factories to provide for my 4 children and now to live the life of an essential worker.


Equality Meets Opportunity

I have thought very long and hard about the problems facing our working class men and women and have come to the conclusion that it is time to take a stand. Take a stand to Stand Up and Stop It! Stop the injustice being done to the working class families,the elderly,the small business,the teachers and the farmers by working to lower the high insurance premiums and stopping the bail outs for the large corporations that continue to flourish while the rest of us are struggling to survive working two or more jobs.I vow to take a stand to overturn the right to work policies being imposed upon all working Kentuckians Please take a stand with me, as your problems are my problems and vote on Nov. 3rd to elect John W. Pennington Democratic candidate for the 21st district.